Materials for Patients

Valuable Resources For You and Your Patients

As your partner, we want to help you help your patients with diabetes make healthy choices. Use the links below to find helpful information about our products, as well as valuable patient education and diabetes management tools to download, print, or share with your patients.

Product Information

We want you to have the utmost confidence when recommending our products for your patients. Find owner's manuals, log books, and other downloadable resources for each of our blood glucose monitoring systems and other ancillary products to help your patients manage a healthy lifestyle.

Meters and Test Strips
Skin Care
Other Products
Nutrition Products

Meet Lance.™ Educational Materials

Both newly diagnosed patients and patients who have been managing diabetes for many years will benefit from the reliable and relevant information provided through Lance's experience.

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Low Level Literacy Educational Materials

Trividia Health partners with the Association of Clinicians for the UnderServed and we have developed materials that can be used to educate your patients about diabetes.

Checking the Sugar in Your Blood if You Have Diabetes
Understanding Pills You Take for Your Diabetes
Diabetes and a More Active Lifestyle
Healthy Eating and Diabetes
Blood Sugar Too High or Too Low?
Can I Get Diabetes?
Insulin and Diabetes
Diabetes and Your Mood

This data management software allows you to quickly and conveniently assess your patients’ blood glucose results and it's FREE to healthcare professionals.